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336 Active Learning Space
"Active Learning" space with movable tables and chairs for up to 45. Portable markerboards and hanging rails are installed around the room.
Labs Software Requests
Request new software for installation in MERIT’s computer labs, 346 Macintosh lab and 348 PC lab.
346 Macintosh Lab
Instructional computer lab with 1 instructor, and 22 student workstations. Computers are Apple 27" iMacs with OSX 10.10.2 (Yosemite). Capacity 23.
Hot-roll lamination is available at MERIT library.
346 Macintosh Lab Support
Technical support for hardware and software functioning in MERIT’s Macintosh computer lab.
Laptop, Dual-boot Mac Loan
Dual-boot Mac laptops can be checked out on a short-term basis (3 days) at the MERIT Help Desk.
348 PC Lab
Instructional computer lab with one instructor, and 13 student workstations. Computers are Dell Optiplex 7010 computers with Windows 7 (x64). One SmartBoard interactive whiteboard with projector. Seating capacity 24.
Laptop, PC Loan
PC Laptop
348 PC Lab Support
Technical support for hardware and software functioning in MERIT’s PC computer lab.
Learn@UW Software Support
Instructional design, consulting, and assistance with framing and organization of online content for the Learn@UW suite of tools.
A/V Technology Installation
MERIT will install A/V equipment in School of Education campus locations at the request of the department or unit.
Library Course Pages
Accessible list of course-related resources tailored to a specific course's needs and assignments.
A/V Technology Purchasing Consultation
MERIT will consult with you on your A/V needs and offer recommendations to best meet those needs. We can provide you with a range of recommendations, if requested.
Local Printer Installation
MERIT will connect your local printer to your computer at your request.
A/V Technology Support
MERIT works to ensure that all AV equipment installed in School of Education spaces works correctly. Troubleshooting resources are supplied in the AV classrooms.
Marketing & Identity Design
Working in partnership with your communication professionals, MERIT combines sound, graphic design principles with an artistic eye in the creation of your marketing materials.
After-Hours Facility Usage
MERIT facilities one time, after-hours facility usage.
Media Transfer
Media transfer is the process of taking non-digitally formatted video and converting the data to a digital form.
MERIT creates 2D graphic animation for instructional concepts or administrative presentations.
Miscellaneous Equipment Loan
Portable microfiche readers, assorted cables.
Article & Book Discovery
UW-Madison faculty, staff and students have many ways to obtain library materials. MERIT's reference librarians can help you request artiles, books, CD's, videos and more from campus and state library partners.
Network Drive Access (SoE-AD Accounts)
MERIT provisions SoE-AD accounts to users in the school to log in to desktop Windows computers and to connect to our network drives.
Audio Equipment Loan
Audio recorders, microphones and playback systems
Network Printer Installation
MERIT will install networked printers on your computer at your request.
Audio Studio Recording
MERIT offers digital audio recording in a professional acoustic sound booth.
Network Printing
MERIT can help you map your computer to a network printer.
Blog Site Hosting
WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform. Easy-to-install, centrally supported WordPress instances are available at no charge to School of Education departments and officially-recognized groups for use in web space.
Online Reserve Readings (e-reserves)
Directions to access online reserve readings (e-reserves).
Camcorder Loan
Video recording devices for loan.
Password Reset
MERIT can assist you in resetting your SoE-AD, SoEWebID, and WM+ passwords. We can advise on the process for resetting campus level passwords.
Camera Loan
Still photography equipment for loan.
Peripheral Device Installation
MERIT will install peripherals including speakers, scanners, etc. on your campus owned computer.
Citation Manager Support
MERIT research librarians can offer support in navigating the various citation management software tools available at UW-Madison.
Peripheral Device Purchase Consultation
MERIT will help assess your computing needs and recommend peripherals for purchase.
Cold Room
A secure room that provides the level of security needed when working with restricted data is available in the Education building.
Place Item on Reserve
MERIT Library accepts reserve requests at any time and processes them in the order they are received.
Computer Installation
MERIT will configure software on your newly purchased and install the computer.
Portrait Photography
MERIT offers portrait photography in our studio once each semester. Portraits will be saved in full-resolution and web-ready formats.
Computer Memory Installation
MERIT will recommend memory to purchase and install it in your campus computer at your request.
Poster & Presentation Graphics
MERIT consults and can create your conference posters, PowerPoint slide templates and decks, info-graphics and other presentation graphics using sound graphic design principles.
Computer Peripherals Loan
External computer accessories.
Poster Printing
Large-format poster printing is available at MERIT library.
Computer Purchase Consultation
MERIT will help assess your computing needs and recommend replacement computers as needed.
Pre-K12 Collection Materials Loan
The PreK-12 collection includes materials for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and secondary education.
Computer Repair
MERIT will work to repair your University owned computer according to the guidelines in our hardware support policy.
Professional Collection Materials Loan
The professional education collection includes titles in the areas of theory and practice of education.
Computer Security & Patch Management
IBM Endpoint Manager allows us to install and update programs remotely. OS updates are also applied automatically and remotely.
Projector Loan
Computer, video and film projection systems for loan.
Computer Virus Prevention & Control
Firewalls prevent unwanted traffic from entering our network and the machines connected to it. Symantec Endpoint Protection scans and removes virus, and we use many other tools and methods for manual removal.
Publication Design
MERIT provides print and electronic publishing services. from conception to development of distinctive graphics for newsletters, posters, annual reports, departmental and project promotional materials, large or small posters, signs, brochures, book jackets, custom illustrations, and CD/DVD packaging.
Course Redesign Consultation
Consultation to bring new approaches to learning to your classroom: where to begin.
Real-time Remote Support
MERIT may troubleshoot your computer problems using a real-time remote support software called Bomgar.
Course/Lab Website
WordPress instance for course or lab support
Reference Collection
The reference collection contains general and specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, guides, handbooks, and statistical compilations pertinent to the field of education
CRI: Desktop and Digital Media Tools
MERIT provides workshops on various desktop and digital media tools from Photoshop for newsletters to using MS Office tools in the classroom.
Request Tracker (RT) Ticketing System
MERIT tracks help requests, support efforts, and user communications using the Request Tracker system.
CRI: Digital Storytelling
MERIT staff provide workshops on resources, tutorials, and instructional materials to help instructors and students design and create digital stories.
Reserve Physical Collection
The physical reserve collection is kept behind the MERIT Library Circulation Desk.
CRI: Information and Resources in Education
MERIT offers workshops on information and resources in education from finding and incorporating Native American content to personal privacy in the digital age.
Secure Wireless Access (WiscVPN)
MERIT will assist with installing, configuring, and connecting a campus VPN connection on your devices.
CRI:Adopting and Using eLearning Tools
MERIT offers workshops on using eLearning tools from designing course websites to using concept map tools for teaching and learning.
Server Administration
The server administrator, or sys admin, has overall control of the server. The administrator’s role is to design, install, administer, and optimize the servers in question so that they can perform their intended functions.
Customized Course-Integrated Instruction
Course-integrated instruction will be scheduled at your convenience and tailored to the content needs of your class, meeting or group.
Service Desk
The MERIT Service Desk has a physical presence within MERIT Library. Research librarians are available during MERIT Library hours.
Data Center Hosting
The School of Education Data Center is used to house computer systems and associated components such as storage, networking, backup systems, and telecommunications equipment.
Sitefinity Access (SoE WebID)
Access account for editors of Sitefinity-powered websites in the School of Education.
Data Jack Activation
As requested by users or identified during consultations, MERIT will activate data jacks in your space to provide wired network connections for your computers and other devices.
Sitefinity Editor Support
MERIT provides access and general support for Sitefinity editors.
Data Restore
MERIT Staff can help to restore data that has been backed up to a School of Education server.
Software Installation
MERIT will install basic productivity and security software, and install or assist with installing special title requests.
DHCP Scopes (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
MERIT assigns IP numbers via a DHCP server. Each School of Education building has it’s own scope (unique IP numbers).
Software License Consultation
MERIT will consult with you on campus software and single-user software to ensure proper licensing.
Digital Measures Account Access
The School of Education provisions accounts using Digital Measures software for faculty and staff in the school.
Software Support
MERIT will troubleshoot the functionality of your software to ensure that it runs correctly on your computer.
Digital Measures Support
Digital Measures is a web-based solution for School of Education faculty to capture and share information related to teaching, research, and service activities.
Software Updates
MERIT utilizes remote services and onsite support to ensure that you have all the most appropriate software updates.
Digital Signage Bulletin Graphics
MERIT designs eye-catching visuals for display on the School of Education's digital signs.
Standard Printing
Standard black & white and color printing are available at MERIT library.
Digital Signage Installation
MERIT can help you coordinate the installation of digital signage in School of Education managed spaces.
Stock Photography Consultation
MERIT has access to campus image libraries and for-fee, private-sector stock images. We can consult with you on your image needs and direct you to the right source.
Digital Signage Purchasing Consultation
MERIT works in partnership with the Business Office and the Office of External Relations to manage the School of Education Digital Signage network. MERIT can consult with you on your Digital Signage needs and offer recommendations to best meet those needs.
Systems Monitoring
MERIT monitors various systems in order to achieve and maintain high server availability. Some of the systems we monitor include but are not limited to; memory usage, disk usage, CPU usage, temperature, and the state of system services, etc.
Digital Video Editing
MERIT Video Production offers a wide array of post-production services like non-linear digital editing, special effects, animation, music and sound effects.
Tablet Loan
Apple iPads, Apple iPad Mini Kit.
Distance Education
Instructional assistance with the evaluation and use of web-based learning tools for distance delivery.
Unit/Department Website
Sitefinity is the content management software (CMS) that the School uses for the main School of Education website, department websites, and some unit or program websites.
DNS (Domain Name System)
Unique addresses used by computers to communicate over the internet.
Video Captioning
MERIT offers captioning and subtitling for all of our video projects. Using a combination of in-house expertise and an on-line service Automatic Sync, we are able to create captions for most web and multimedia-based video formats and DVD subtitles.
Emerging Technologies Consultation
Explorations into new elearning trends in the classroom.
Video Consultation & Design
MERIT's professional video producer writes engaging scripts that make your videos come alive. This process may include the use of storyboards to visually map out the flow of your program.
External Print Facilitation
MERIT professionally packages files for external print facilities and performs press checks on large-run print jobs.
Video Graphics
MERIT creates custom graphics for use with video green screens and video titling.
Firewall Management
MERIT manages firewalls to enable our users to communicate with others, yet restrict access to those that are not authorized to use our resources.
Video Recording - Location
Broadcast quality acquisition, on campus or across the state.
FWSM (Firewall Services Module)
The School of Education uses Cisco firewalls to help screen out hackers, viruses, worms, or any unwanted traffic from reaching our computers via the internet.
Video Recording - Studio
MERIT has a small studio with studio grid lighting and green screen.
MERIT's creative staff has a wide range of artistic skill to draw upon; computer illustration, pencil drawing, watercolor, pen and ink, photography and more - a style solution for every concept.
VLAN Management
Each School of Education building is on its own network (IP space). These networks are know as VLANS, (Virtual Local Area Networks). MERIT manages these networks to ensure that our customers are able to access the IT resources they need via the internet.
Instructional Graphics
Graphics that help illustrate a concept or idea can greatly enhance your on-line or traditional face-to-face instruction.
Walk-in Computing Help
MERIT accepts help requests in person at our IT Service Desk located in MERIT library.
IP Reservations
Assign a static IP (Internet Protocol) number to a computer
Web Graphics
MERIT creates custom graphics to enhance your web presence. MERIT is also available to consult and give guidance in design principles that help your content display in a visually pleasing and easy to read manner.
Journals Collection
The MERIT Library receives over 265 journals in the field of education for use within the library. Full text access to selected articles from many of these journals is available through links in MadCat, the online campus catalog.
WordPress Website Hosting
WordPress is an open source publishing platform. Easy-to-install, centrally supported WordPress instances are available at no charge to School of Education departments and officially-recognized groups for use in web space.
Lab Tour Request
Schedule a tour of MERIT’s computer lab and instructional facilities.
Workshop Topic Request
School of Education faculty, staff and students, and area teachers are invited to participate in MERIT’s workshop program. In addition to scheduled workshops, sessions can be designed or adapted as course-integrated instruction for specific classes, or scheduled as consultation for individuals, meetings, or groups.