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Network Accounts & Access Services

Data Jack Activation
As requested by users or identified during consultations, MERIT will activate data jacks in your space to provide wired network connections for your computers and other devices.
Password Reset
MERIT can assist you in resetting your SoE-AD, SoEWebID, and WM+ passwords. We can advise on the process for resetting campus level passwords.
Data Restore
MERIT Staff can help to restore data that has been backed up to a School of Education server.
Secure Wireless Access (WiscVPN)
MERIT will assist with installing, configuring, and connecting a campus VPN connection on your devices.
Digital Measures Account Access
The School of Education provisions accounts using Digital Measures software for faculty and staff in the school.
Sitefinity Access (SoE WebID)
Access account for editors of Sitefinity-powered websites in the School of Education.
Network Drive Access (SoE-AD Accounts)
MERIT provisions SoE-AD accounts to users in the school to log in to desktop Windows computers and to connect to our network drives.